Ear correction

Prominent and/or too large ears can be perceived as very bothersome.

A correction is possible at any age, while a correction in children is recommended before school age. At this time, the ear is almost completely developed.

The surgery is performed in general or local anesthesia.

The skin incision is made behind the ear so that the scar is not visible from the front.
The cartilage is shaped so that the ear has a normal shape again.
After the surgery the ears are bandaged, these must be worn day and night for 1 week and then a head band must be consistently worn for another 2 weeks.


Duration of surgery: approx. 1.5 hours
Anesthesia: Local or general
Duration of stay: Outpatient or 1 night
Bandage day and night for 1 week and head band for 2 weeks
Inability to work: approx. 2 week