Gynecomastia correction

Temporary breast development during puberty can also be a normal finding in men and is described as physiological. About half of adolescents show enlarged breasts.

These usually decrease by the end of the puberty. However, sometimes the breasts stay enlarged and in extreme cases can lead to a feminine appearance. This may be perceived in the young men as an extreme psychological burden. Furthermore, breast tissue formation can have other reasons like obesity, hormone imbalance, kidney and liver diseases as well as estrogen-containing medication or drugs, for example marijuana. Therefore detailed examinations are performed before each surgery that is performed under general anesthesia.

Markings are applied before surgery. Typically the incision is semicircular at the lower border of the areola but may vary depending on the size of the breast. They may lead to scars around the areola or an L shaped scar. The mammary gland and partially the fatty tissue are removed and the skin is additionally tightened, if necessary. Compressive bandages are applied after surgery, which should be worn for about 3 days.


Duration of surgery: approx. 1.5 hours
Anesthesia: General
Duration of stay: Outpatient or 1 night
Drainages: 1 per breast
Inability to work: approx. 1 week