Platelet rich plasma PRP

Personalized cell therapy (PCT) is a new minimal invasive medical treatment. It induces the body’s regeneration.
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is isolated from the patients’ blood using a specialized centrifuge and is immediately re-injected under the skin.

The stem cells and the growth factors in the plasma stimulate the body’s own regenerative potential resulting in an improved and revitalized skin texture.

PRP can be applied to all regions of the body and all skin types. 2 to 3 treatments each a month apart are recommended for the optimal result which last for about a year.

Half an hour before the treatment an anesthetic crème is applied to the areas to be treated. Thereafter 15 ml of blood is drawn and the Platelet Rich Plasma isolated. The PRP is injected using very thin hypodermic needles. The treated areas are thereafter cooled for 10 minutes.
The PRP treatment contains only the body’s own material as opposed to the botulinum toxin–A and filler treatments which contain foreign proteins which resorb through time.


Duration of treatment: approx. 1 hour
Anesthesia: Cream
Recommended repetitions: 2
Effects last: approx. 1 year