Eyelid correction

Over the years as the skin loses elasticity and the muscles their strength, the eyelids begin to hang and eye bags may develop. This can cause a much older and more tired-looking appearance. Extremely hanging eyelids may even impair the field of vision.

Blepharoplasty usually results in a significantly more youthful appearance of the face.

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia. Excessive skin and part of the eyelid muscle is removed. The scar is concealed in the fold of the eyelid and is not visible when the eyes are open.

After surgery bluish discoloration and swelling of the eyes for about 1 week must be expected, since the eyelid skin is very thin.


Duration of surgery: approx. 1 hour (upper eyelids), approx. 2 hours (upper and lower eyelids)
Anesthesia: Local
Duration of stay: Outpatient
Sunglasses for 1 week
Inability to work: approx. 1 week